Tencent Cloud TRTC SDK, is a high availability components serving tens of thousands of enterprise customers, which is committed to helping you to minimize your research and development costs.
LiteAVSDK Overview

LiteAVSDK is Tencent Cloud’s audio/video SDKs. It integrates common audio/video communication features including stream publishing/playback, VOD playback, video shooting/editing/splicing/composition, and real-time call, each with its dedicated APIs.

Product Description
TRTC TRTC is used in application scenarios with high requirements on transmission quality, such as one-to-one video call, video conferencing, audio chat room, and interactive live streaming. It can be used together with CDNs, with an optimized network module that delivers call quality comparable to that of WeChat and QQ, and a powerful MCU to allow real-time and seamless stream mixing.
Stream Publishing (TXLivePusher) TXLivePusher uses RTMP and supports stream publishing from the camera and screen. It can publish streams to the CDNs of different vendors (UDP optimization is enabled for free if you publish to Tencent Cloud’s CDNs).
Stream Playback (TXLivePlayer) TXLivePlayer supports playback protocols including HTTP-FLV, HLS (M3U8), and RTMP and can publish streams to the CDNs of different vendors. It integrates Tencent Cloud’s proprietary playback engine and offers excellent latency control as well as APIs to obtain detailed information on streaming quality.
VOD Playback (TXVodPlayer) TXVodPlayer is a player engine that supports VOD playback protocols including MP4 and HLS (M3U8). If you need advanced features such as seamless resolution switch, screenshot, playback speed control, and preview thumbnails over progress bar, you can use the player we built based on the engine (iOS & Android).
Video Shooting (UGC) UGC is used in video shooting scenarios. It comes with advanced features including segmented shooting, shooting speed control, beauty filters, AI-powered stickers, background music, and reverb/voice changing effects, allowing users to produce quality video content.
Video Editing (VideoEditor) VideoEditor is used in video editing scenarios. It supports quick video import and special effects including beauty filters, "rock light", "dark dream", "soul out", "screen split", "window shadow", and "lightning", allowing you to quickly equip your application with video editing capabilities.

To meet different requirements on installation package size, we have launched multiple editions of LiteAVSDK, which come with different features.

  • LiteAV_Smart: integrates only the stream publishing (TXLivePusher) and playback (TXLivePlayer) features. It adds relatively little to the installation package and is suitable for customers who need only MLVB features.
  • LiteAV_TRTC: integrates only TRTC and stream playback (TXLivePlayer) features. It adds relatively little to the installation package and is suitable for customers who need only TRTC features.
  • Professional: integrates all the features except AI-powered special effects. It’s suitable for customers who need two or more sets of features. Its installation package is larger than LiteAV_Smart’s and LiteAV_TRTC’s.
  • Enterprise: integrates all the features of the Professional edition and includes an AI-powered special effect component that supports eye enlarging, face slimming, retouching, and animated stickers. You need a decompression password and license to use the Enterprise edition, which you can obtain from your Tencent Cloud sales rep.

Module Feature LiteAV_Smart LiteAV_UGC LiteAV_TRTC LiteAV_Player Professional Enterprise
Stream publishing Camera
Stream playback RTMP
HLS (M3U8)
VOD playback MP4
HLS (M3U8)
Beauty filter Retouching
Basic filters
Co-anchoring Same-room co-anchoring
Cross-room competition
Video call One-to-one call
Video conferencing
UGSV Recording/Shooting
TikTok-like special effects
Video upload
AI-powered special effects Eye enlarging/Face slimming
Chin slimming/Nose reshaping
Animated stickers
Green screen keying