setRemoteRenderParams method

Future<void> setRemoteRenderParams(
  1. String userId,
  2. int streamType,
  3. TRTCRenderParams renderParams

Set remote image parameters


userId: User ID

streamType: Video stream type

renderParams: rendering parameters (fill mode, rotation angle, mirror mode, etc.). For more information, please see the definition of the TRTCRenderParams parameter in trtc_cloud_def.dart

Platform not supported´╝Ü

  • web


Future<void> setRemoteRenderParams(
    String userId, int streamType, TRTCRenderParams renderParams) {
  return _cloudChannel!.invokeMethod('setRemoteRenderParams', {
    "userId": userId,
    "streamType": streamType,
    "param": jsonEncode(renderParams),