setVideoMuteImage method

Future<int?> setVideoMuteImage(
  1. String? assetUrl,
  2. int fps

Set an alternative image for when the local screen is paused to replace the black screen that users see when they enter a room without video streaming

After the local video pushing is paused, the image set through this API will still be pushed


assetUrl can be an asset resource address defined in Flutter such as 'images/watermark_img.png' or an online image address

fps Frame rate of the image set to be pushed. Minimum value: 5. Maximum value: 20. Default value: 10

Not supported on:

  • web
  • Windows


Future<int?> setVideoMuteImage(
    String? assetUrl, // Resource address in `assets`
    int fps) async {
  String? imageUrl = assetUrl;
  String type = 'network'; // Online image by default
  if (assetUrl != null && assetUrl.indexOf('http') != 0) {
    type = 'local';
  return _cloudChannel!.invokeMethod(
      'setVideoMuteImage', {"imageUrl": imageUrl, "type": type, "fps": fps});