TRTCParams class

Room entry parameters

As the room entry parameters in the TRTC SDK, only if these parameters are correctly set can the user successfully enter the audio/video room specified by roomId.


TRTCParams({int sdkAppId = 0, String userId = "", String userSig = "", int roomId = 0, String strRoomId = "", int role = TRTCCloudDef.TRTCRoleAnchor, String streamId = "", String userDefineRecordId = "", String privateMapKey = "", String businessInfo = ""})


businessInfo String
Field description: business data, which is optional. This field applies only to some uncommon special requirements.
getter/setter pair
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
no setterinherited
privateMapKey String
Field description: room signature, which is optional. If you want only users with the specified userIds to enter a room, you need to use privateMapKey to restrict the permission.
getter/setter pair
role int
Field description: role in the live streaming scenario. The SDK uses this parameter to determine whether the user is an anchor or an audience user. This parameter is required in the live streaming scenario and optional in the call scenario.
getter/setter pair
roomId int
Field description: room ID, which is required. Users (userId) in the same room can see one another and make video calls.
getter/setter pair
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited
sdkAppId int
Field description: application ID, which is required. Tencent Video Cloud generates bills based on sdkAppId.
getter/setter pair
streamId String
Field description: bound Tencent Cloud CSS CDN stream ID, which is optional. After setting this field, you can play back the user's audio/video stream on Tencent Cloud Live CDN through a standard live streaming scheme (FLV or HLS).
getter/setter pair
strRoomId String
String-type room ID. Users (userId) in the same room can see one another and make video calls.
getter/setter pair
userDefineRecordId String
Field description: on-cloud recording switch, which is used to specify whether to record the user's audio/video stream into a file in the specified format in the cloud.
getter/setter pair
userId String
Field description: user ID, which is required. It is the userId of the local user and acts as the username.
getter/setter pair
userSig String
Field description: user signature, which is required. It is the authentication signature corresponding to the current userId and acts as the login password for Tencent Cloud services.
getter/setter pair


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toString() String
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