TRTCStreamMixingConfig class

Settings related to TRTC mixing and streaming, including background color, background image, information about all video and audio streams to be mixed, and watermark settings.




audioMixUserList List<TRTCUser>
Description: The position, size, layer, and stream type of each video in On-Cloud MixTranscoding.
getter/setter pair
backgroundColor int
Description: The background color of the mixed stream.
getter/setter pair
backgroundImage String
Description: The URL of the background image of the mixed stream. The image specified by the URL will be mixed during On-Cloud MixTranscoding.
getter/setter pair
hashCode int
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runtimeType Type
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no setterinherited
videoLayoutList List<TRTCVideoLayout>
Description: The information of each audio stream to mix.
getter/setter pair
watermarkList List<TRTCWatermark>
Description: The position, size, and layer of each watermark image in On-Cloud MixTranscoding.
getter/setter pair


audioMixUserListToJson() List<Map<String, dynamic>>
Convert audioMixUserList to Json format
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toJson() Map<String, dynamic>
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toString() String
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videoLayoutListToJson() List<Map<String, dynamic>>
Convert videoLayoutList to Json format
watermarkListToJson() List<Map<String, dynamic>>
Convert watermarkList to Json format


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