TRTCTranscodingConfig class

On-Cloud MixTranscoding configuration

This contains the final encoding quality and the positions of images of each channel.


TRTCTranscodingConfig({int? appId, int? bizId, int mode = TRTCCloudDef.TRTC_TranscodingConfigMode_Unknown, int videoWidth = 0, int videoHeight = 0, int videoBitrate = 0, int videoFramerate = 15, int videoGOP = 2, int backgroundColor = 0x000000, String? backgroundImage, int audioSampleRate = 48000, int audioBitrate = 64, int audioChannels = 1, List<TRTCMixUser>? mixUsers, String? streamId})


appId int?
Field description: Tencent Cloud CSS AppID
getter/setter pair
audioBitrate int
Field description: audio bitrate after transcoding.
getter/setter pair
audioChannels int
Field description: number of sound channels after transcoding.
getter/setter pair
audioSampleRate int
Field description: audio sample rate after transcoding.
getter/setter pair
backgroundColor int
Field description: background color of the mixed video image. The default value is black, and the format is hex number; for example: "0x61B9F1" represents the RGB color (97,158,241).
getter/setter pair
backgroundImage String?
Field description: background image of the mixed video image.
getter/setter pair
bizId int?
Field description: Tencent Cloud CSS bizid
getter/setter pair
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
no setterinherited
mixUsers List<TRTCMixUser>?
Field description: position information of each channel of subimage
getter/setter pair
mode int
Field description: transcoding configuration mode
getter/setter pair
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited
streamId String?
Field description: ID of the live stream output to CDN - If this parameter is not set, the SDK will execute the default logic, that is, it will mix the multiple streams in the room into the video stream of the caller of the API, i.e., A + B => A; - If this parameter is set, the SDK will mix the multiple streams in the room into the live stream ID you specify, i.e., A + B => C.
getter/setter pair
videoBitrate int
Field description: bitrate of video resolution in Kbps after transcoding.
getter/setter pair
videoFramerate int
Field description: frame rate of video resolution in fps after transcoding.
getter/setter pair
videoGOP int
Field description: keyframe interval (GOP) of video resolution after transcoding.
getter/setter pair
videoHeight int
Field description: height of video resolution after transcoding.
getter/setter pair
videoWidth int
Field description: width of video resolution after transcoding.
getter/setter pair


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toString() String
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