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Data Structures

interface  ITXVodPlayListener

Detailed Description

The VOD callback notification.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ com::tencent::rtmp::ITXVodPlayListener

interface com::tencent::rtmp::ITXVodPlayListener

Public Member Functions

void onPlayEvent (final TXVodPlayer player, final int event, final Bundle param)
void onNetStatus (final TXVodPlayer player, final Bundle status)

Member Function Documentation

◆ onNetStatus()

void onNetStatus ( final TXVodPlayer  player,
final Bundle  status 

Network status notification.

playerThe VOD object
paramThe notification content in (key,value) format. For more information, com.tencent.rtmp.TXVodConstants.

◆ onPlayEvent()

void onPlayEvent ( final TXVodPlayer  player,
final int  event,
final Bundle  param 

The VOD event notification.

playerThe VOD object
eventThe event ID. For more information, com.tencent.rtmp.TXVodConstants.
paramThe event parameters in (key,value) format. For more information, seecom.tencent.rtmp.TXVodConstants.