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Data Structures

class  TXImageSprite

Detailed Description

The image sprite parsing tool.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ TXImageSprite

class TXImageSprite
+ Inheritance diagram for TXImageSprite:

Instance Methods

(void) - setVTTUrl:imageUrls:
(UIImage *) - getThumbnail:

Method Documentation

◆ getThumbnail:()

- (UIImage *) getThumbnail: (GLfloat)  time

This API is used to get a thumbnail.

timeThe time point in seconds
If acquisition fails, nil will be returned.

◆ setVTTUrl:imageUrls:()

- (void) setVTTUrl: (NSURL *)  vttUrl
imageUrls: (NSArray< NSURL * > *)  images 

This API is used to set the image sprite URL.

vttUrlThe VTT URL
imagesThe list of images in the image sprite