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Data Structures

class  TXPlayerAuthParams

Detailed Description

The configuration for encrypted video playback through fileId.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ TXPlayerAuthParams

class TXPlayerAuthParams
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int appId
NSString * fileId
NSString * timeout
int exper
NSString * us
NSString * sign
BOOL https

Property Documentation

◆ appId

- (int) appId

The application's appId, which is required.

◆ exper

- (int) exper

The preview duration in seconds, which is optional.

◆ fileId

- (NSString*) fileId

The file ID, which is required.

◆ https

- (BOOL) https

This API is used to set whether to use HTTPS requests, which is no by default.

◆ sign

- (NSString*) sign

If hotlink protection is not used, leave this parameter empty.

General hotlink protection signature:

sign = md5(KEY+appId+fileId+t+us)

Preview-enabled hotlink protection signature:

sign = md5(KEY+appId+fileId+t+exper+us)

The hotlink protection parameters (t, us, and exper) used by the player APIs are the same as those in CDN, and the only difference is the calculation method of sign.

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◆ timeout

- (NSString*) timeout

The encrypted link timeout timestamp, which is optional and will be converted to a hexadecimal lowercase string. The CDN server will determine whether the link is valid based on the timestamp.

◆ us

- (NSString*) us

The unique request ID, which increases the link uniqueness.