setVideoEncoderParam method

Future<void> setVideoEncoderParam(
  1. TRTCVideoEncParam param

Set the encoding parameters of video encoder

This setting can determine the quality of image viewed by remote users, which is also the image quality of on-cloud recording files.


param: Video encoding parameters. For more information, please see the definition of TRTCVideoEncParam


Future<void> setVideoEncoderParam(
        param // 视频编码参数,详情请参考 中的 TRTCVideoEncParam 定义。
    ) {
  if (kIsWeb) {
    return _cloudChannel!.invokeMethod('setVideoEncoderParam', jsonEncode(param));
  return _cloudChannel!.invokeMethod('setVideoEncoderParam', {
    "param": jsonEncode(param),