TRTCVideoEncParam class

Encoding parameters

Parameters: related to video encoder. These settings determine the quality of image viewed by remote users, which is also the image quality of recorded video files in the cloud.


TRTCVideoEncParam({int videoBitrate = 200, int videoResolution = 60, int videoResolutionMode = 1, int videoFps = 10, int minVideoBitrate = 200, bool enableAdjustRes = false})


enableAdjustRes bool
Field description: whether resolution adjustment is allowed
getter/setter pair
hashCode int
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minVideoBitrate int
Field description: minimum video bitrate. The SDK will reduce the bitrate to as low as the value specified by minVideoBitrate only if the network conditions are poor.
getter/setter pair
runtimeType Type
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no setterinherited
videoBitrate int
Field description: target video bitrate. The SDK encodes streams at the target video bitrate and will actively reduce the bitrate only if the network conditions are poor.
getter/setter pair
videoFps int
Field description: video capturing frame rate
getter/setter pair
videoResolution int
Field description: video resolution
getter/setter pair
videoResolutionMode int
Field description: resolution mode (landscape/portrait)
getter/setter pair


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