minVideoBitrate property

int minVideoBitrate
getter/setter pair

Field description: minimum video bitrate. The SDK will reduce the bitrate to as low as the value specified by minVideoBitrate only if the network conditions are poor.

Recommended value - If you want to "ensure definition while allowing lag", you can set minVideoBitrate to 60% of videoBitrate. - If you want to "ensure smoothness while allowing blur", you can set minVideoBitrate to 200 Kbps. - If you set videoBitrate and minVideoBitrate to the same value, it is equivalent to disabling the adaptive adjustment capability of the SDK. - Default value: 0, indicating that the lowest bitrate will be automatically set by the SDK according to the resolution.

Note - If you set the resolution to a high value, it is not suitable to set minVideoBitrate too low; otherwise, the video image will become blurry and heavily pixelated. For example, if the resolution is set to 720p and the bitrate is set to 200 Kbps, then the encoded video image will be heavily pixelated.


int minVideoBitrate;